SingOut! CT is dedicated to providing a professional environment for singing that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and fun! To do this we estimate that approximately half of SingOut! CT's annual revenue will be generated by a combination of tuition, admissions, programming, retail sales, and related activities. The other half of our funding will be generated by grants, benefit performances, donations from individuals, corporations, and small businesses and other fund raising activities. SingOut! CT notes that The Arts Education Partnership, in conjunction with the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, commenced a study last year to examine the impact of arts experiences on young people and to explore why and how young people were changed through their arts experiences. The study found evidence that demonstrates that children with high levels of arts participation outperform "arts­poor" students by virtually every measure. Furthermore the study found that the arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. As well as that arts education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self­-discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives.